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Product Features :

1. Listening to songs and phone calls, supporting listening to songs and making phone calls.
2. Adjust the up and down songs, and take you into the music age every time you touch it.
3. Voice answering, intelligent English tone prompts, power on, pairing, power off and off the phone, etc.
4. Apple mobile phone, Xiaomi mobile phone There is power display, you can watch the power of the headset at any time, don\’t worry about the lack of power in the headset, let you live without worry.
5. When the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone and turned off, the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect back to the phone when it is turned on, which is convenient and faster.
6. Smart compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth function, tablet, notebook, sing bar, music, movies, etc.
7.Solar led light


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