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iPhone / iPad Repair


Got a broken iphone / iPad?

We can fix all your iPhone / iPad problems! We will have your device back in perfect working order in no time at all.

Our expert repair technicians can replace most broken components in your device.


Water Damage Repairs

If your iPhone / iPad has been water or moisture damaged, we may be able to bring it back to life by replacing the water damaged parts and drying off the device.


Bad Charging Port?

Bring your iPhone / iPad in and we will replace the charging port.


iPhone / iPad Screen Replacement

If you have broken iPhone / iPad screen and need a replacement, we can fix it and advise you on the best way to look after the new screen.


iPhone / iPad Home Button Not Working?

If the home button on your device is broken, we can replace it with a brand new home button.


Headphone Socket on iPhone / iPad Not Working?

If your headset socket is damaged or not working, bring your iPhone / iPad to our facility and we will replace or repair the headphone / headset socket for you. The headset socket is connected to the mic socket on your device so if either seems to be broken then the socket may need replacing. Again bring your iPhone / ipad in to our facility and we will replace the socket for you.


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